Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Annie

I decided to name my singer 15-91, Annie. We had a slight tiff a few week ago and I started sewing on my Janome, it wasn't the same. For anyone who knows how to sew the reason for the tiff was entirely my fault. A needle broke. Instead of doing the right/logical thing and re-threading the entire machine, I just put a new needle in. That needle broke and I was annoyed. So I took out my Janome and the height was all wrong(because I am short and it's not in a cabinet), the stitches weren't the same. Please don't take this post as me insulting Janome because they are wonderful, wonderful machines I just like the low fuss and lower height of my singer.

What really won my heart and made her my favorite all over again is my urge to free motion. I never tried it on Annie but I knew getting the tension right for the Janome was a pain and required another bobbin case or adjusting the bobbin tension. I did not want to adjust the bobbin tension or spend money so I decided to just try it with Annie. All I would waste is a little thread, scrap batting, and cheap fabric. Guess what!?! The stitch was darn near perfect with no adjustments. Now Annie is a speed demon and I really need to get a modern foot that will keep her from going from 0 to 60 with nothing in between but I can deal with it if she keeps me from wanting to kill the sewing machine tension Gods.

Now if I could only finish something it would be amazing.

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